Pedicab basics


We're thrilled that you want to ride! While many folks take a ride in a pedicab to get somewhere quickly and memorably, there are several types of rides available. Here are the basics to help you determine the best ride option for you and your group.


Where do pedicabs operate?

Most pedicabs operate daily along the Embarcadero however, with notice, we can provide rides anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.


When are pedicabs typically in service?

Most days of the week, pedicab operators are out before noon until after sunset. During special events, pedicabs will likely be out much earlier or later.


How many can fit in a pedicab?

The pedicabs comfortably seat two adults. Families with 1-2 small children typically can sit on parents' laps. A seat-belt is provided for all passengers to share.


How does pricing work for regular rides?

A rate card is posted on the pedicab to help determine driver gratuity. Rates fluctuate based on how many passengers are riding and how far the ride is. Upon boarding, feel free to ask the driver how much the ride will cost.


How do tours work?

Tours can be booked any time. Hourly tours start at $80/hour.

Feel free to flag down a driver on the street for an immediate tour or book here online to plan your tour in advance.


How do large groups ride?

Need a few pedicabs for a group? No problem! On group rides, pedicabs will be ready and waiting 5 minutes prior to your reservation and will ride together to the destination.

Book your group ride right here.


How to book in advance?

Usually a driver can arrive within 30 minutes from the time you call our dispatch at 415-777-6999.

Tours are best booked several hours ahead and large groups should try to reserve at least 24 hours in advance.


Is pedicab a seasonal activity?

Pedicabs are available 365 days/year, including Leap Days! If looking for a ride on a holiday or during a special event, making a reservation is recommended.


How does weather affect pedicabs?

During periods of heavy rain, pedicabs may not be too popular. However, we do have canopy coverage and can keep you dry regardless. On cooler nights, most pedicabs will have a blanket available.