Pedicab your party
to a whole new level of fun!

It's often said that a pedicab is a rolling party unto itself.  So when you're planning a big party of your own, why not use our pedicabs to bring the fun to a whole new level?  Whether silly or sophisticated, any big deal is made better when the gang is put on pedicabs.

let us help you set the mood and keep the party's focus on track.  And for some events our pedicabs can even be the centerpiece!  From scavenger hunts to sweet sixteens to family reunions, our pedicabs make a memorable and perfect addition to any party in town. 

All Kinds Of Parties & Events

  • Big Birthdays (Sweet 16's, 21st's, Over-The-Hills, etc)
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Family Reunions
  • Concerts & Sports Events
  • Anniversaries
  • Pub & Bar Crawls
  • Ladies Night Out
  • Stag Parties
  • College & Fraternity/Sorority parties
  • More!

All Kinds of Party Services

  • Hotel pick-ups & drop-offs
  • Event kick-off ride
  • Multiple-location shuttles
  • In-town designated driver
  • Event ending, wind-down, chill-out rides
  • Parking shuttles
  • More!

Awesome Party Add-Ons

  • You decorate-it options
  • Party-parcel & package drop-off or delivery
  • Surprise timing
  • Touring and city-facts
  • On-call arrangements
  • More!

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