Movies & Films


It's a natural fit: the flexibility and showmanship of pedicab transportation fits in ideally on movie sets and film projects.  The versatility of pedicabs make them a handy component to any film crew, whether used for transporting equipment or filming tricky movement shots. Sometimes we even make the perfect shot in front of the camera, too!

More and more film crews are discovering how pedicabs are the perfect on-location companion for film and video projects.  Make us your behind-the-scenes transportainment professionals!

Equipment Transport
and Ground Crew

Cars and trucks are great for bringing equipment, but sometimes those last few yards can cause a loss of precious time for set-up and breakdown.  Pedicabs are quick to load and unload, and allow multiple trips much faster than on-foot.  Likewise we can tackle surprising urban terrain and cart right into tight spaces that motorized vehicles just can't!  

Pedicabs are also an amazing camera-dolly for moving shots!  With nearly 360º of filming view and remarkably agile maneuvering, it is amazing the shots you will capture!

We're simply the essential piece for any equipment-heavy shoot. 


Crew and Talent

Getting people back and forth to the set can be a logistic time-stealer.  Pedicabs allow you to get whoever you need to wherever you need them efficiently.  Whether it shuttling your on-screen talent from their hotels and trailers or moving your crew from location to location, Pedicabs make the perfect on-call quick transport for location shoots.

Likewise, we keep the mood positive on set – after all, who doesn't feel happy after a quick ride in a giant tricycle!


Pedicab Talent

Pedicabs are not just awesome behind the camera, but are often the perfect component to your scene.  Think of us as an instant practical special effect!

Likewise, our riders are natural showmen and -women.  Their job every day is to entertain, charm and improvise, and so are natural performers.    

Something about the way pedicabs move and the staging of the passengers that makes them a natural in front of the camera.  


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