The most fun your company will have while still at work.

Conventions?  No problem.  Company outings?  Got that covered.  High-visibility promotions?  Easy-peasy.  No matter what your company's special needs, we have a pedicab solution to take your event to the next level of professional excellence.  

Whether you want to expand your presence or just need event rides for the top brass (or middle bras, or any brass), Golden Gate Pedicab is an amazing and memorable way to expand your brand, get the job done and leave a lasting impression.  


Make your presence at major conventions memorable.  Our pedicab teams can be branded to create a lasting impression.

Or maybe you want an exciting way to shuttle your employees to and from the convention or host hotel.  We can be contracted to be on-call at specific times and locations.

And when it's time to take a break or find a great local meal, our pedicabs are your best bet at expanding your convention experience beyond the exhibit hall.


Company Outings

Whether building company culture or just having a night out with employees, pedicabs are a great way to make corporate outings a real treat.

  • Holiday parties.
  • Corporate retreats.
  • Team-building.
  • Sales teams.
  • Afterwork socializing.
  • More!

Pedicab Branding & Advertising

Our pedicabs can be branded with your company's messaging to leave a real impression.  We can even create custom pedicab builds!

Likewise, our drivers can become part of the experience with branding and promotional interaction.  

Check out the additional options available with our advertising branch, Pedicab Outdoor!

Check out our other group and event ride specialties: